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Welcome to the Association of African Universities Membership Online Application Platform.

This application portal is for institutions seeking to join the Association of African Universities. We welcome applications from nationally-accredited higher education institutions in Africa and beyond, subject to meeting our membership criteria.

The application process has been simplified and made flexible for you. Please note that the application involves a two-step process.

1. Create an account.

2. Login to complete the application form.

Uncompleted forms can be saved, exited and continued at another time. The application form consists of 12 sections. After every section click on 'save and continue’ to proceed with your application. Also ensure that all fields are filled in completely and correctly. Please make sure you have read the Membership Requirements clearly and also refer to the Membership List to ensure that your institution is not already a member of Association of African Universities. We advise that you take time and familiarize yourself with the information required for this application.

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AAU Desk Officer

  • The purpose of the role of AAU Desk Officer is to facilitate stronger communication channels between the AAU and member institutions by creating a main point of contact to communicate information in both directions. The Desk Officer should ideally be someone other than the Vice Chancellor / Rector / President of the institution. The AAU Desk Officer must be an individual who has an insight to, or oversight of the university’s strategy, collaborations and partnerships. They must be able to identify the correct contacts internally for a variety of opportunities on offer from the AAU. They must be strategically positioned within the university to receive and share information that is circulated by the AAU.
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